Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bike Shift Levers in the Spotlight

I am very happy with all the attention our Bike Shift Levers are getting from the press release I sent out earlier this week. All of the articles are creative and the authors each chose their own favorite element of the project:

For Gizmag, the author emphasized the significant need for these shifters for the millions of people who rely on their bicycles everyday (he also fit in lots of photos).

For Bicycling the author gave the project one of its best compliments yet, right in the title: The Simplest, Most Versatile Shifter Ever. I like that!

For BikeBiz, the author seemed just as excited as I am to see these shift levers finally hit production. He has been following the project since our Kickstarter campaign – very cool.

The author of the BikeRumor article kindly noted that purchasing these shifters from us helps support our service to bicycle programs around the world. This article has also created the most buzz so far with lots of passionate comments. I hope these curious readers look into the project more.

The author of the BikeRadar article seemed to like the bottle cap most of the six parts and appreciated the shifter’s simplicity.

I love how each of them took our story and made it their own, adding their enthusiasm for particular elements of the shift lever as well as the project as a whole.

Let me know if I missed any. Great stuff!


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